Top 3 Instagram Story Ideas To Win Profile Engagement

Top 3 Instagram Story Ideas To Win Profile Engagement

Based on the January report, approximately 500 million active users posted on Instagram. Thus, the Instagram story feature isn’t for personal profiles but for your brand to gain several followers. Do you like to grab success using Instagram stories to drive engagement? If so, start to increase your profile visibility by creating the best engaging content. Next, you can boost your profile by looking at the best place to buy Instagram impressions that helps in expanding your story views with many video views. Next, keep scrolling for top N Instagram story ideas to win your profile engagement among your competitors.

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Quick Intro About Instagram Story

Instagram stories stay for 24-hours after you post on your profile. Moreover, Instagram stories will not disappear from your profile until you add them to your Instagram story highlight. Stories have become more tech-savvy and influential features for months. It works as an incredible method to enhance your brand on Instagram. Here are the N Instagram story tricks you perform in your digital marketing methods.

Top 3 Instagram Story Ideas To Win Profile Engagement

1. Highlight Your Instagram Stories

As said earlier, Instagram stories remain for 24-hours on the platform; the only method to overcome this is to save your Instagram story on your profile page using story highlight. When you highlight your Instagram story, your stories will remain forever until you plan to remove them from your profile page. So, don’t stop over there; try to create consistent content with your Instagram story highlights by offering them a cover that works with your brand.

Also, you can save your Instagram story by clicking on your highlights from the three dots in the bottom right corner of your Instagram, clicking edit highlights, and clicking edit cover.

Now, Story highlights on Instagram make it simple to get the best results. Also, you can click on the power of Instagram stories and try those stories for more than 24 hours.

Pro Tip: On Instagram, try to organize your story highlights based on your niche, as it works for followers to navigate. You can also buy Instagram story views to advance your recognition on the fierce channel.

2. Post Once In A Day To Stay At The Top Of Follower’s News Feed

The primary reason why Instagram stories are so powerful is that they help you rank your profile at the top of followers’ news feeds. Also, your brand becomes so visible after posting once a day on Instagram. Sometimes, it is unique for a regular post that may sink deep into someone’s feed. But, even if it doesn’t, they can quickly scroll past it without a second chance.

Yet, it is significant to reiterate your Instagram stories, which will disappear from the top of the page after 24-hours. Even if you save them on your Instagram story highlights, you need to stay ahead by posting a new Instagram story at least once every 24 hours. When you already know that consistency is a primary factor in your social media platforms, then Instagram stories are an exceptional case. So, try to use Instagram stories at least once a week by producing tremendous results. The best pro-tip to posting once a day is to make it a regular habit where you can get better results.

3. Improve Engagement By Asking Questions & Polls

Followers love to take a chance to try the best twist on the conversations; it is why calling them to share your thoughts can be so effective. Indeed, Instagram stories works with the following five Instagram stickers that are engaging to try out now:

  • Questions
  • Poll
  • Quiz
  • Chats
  • Sliders

All these five Instagram stories stickers call the user to take part and engage with you in some capacity. It offers people a reason to stop and take a keen look. Instagram stories on the platform provides a dynamic tool that you can use to connect with your audience to interact with your brand’s followers.

Things To Remember

This article explains everything from highlighting your Instagram story, posting in a day, and Q&A features on Instagram where you bring value and significance to your potential audience. There may be a slight learning curve, but it is achievable and entirely worthwhile for use. So, start investing more time on the Instagram platform using these story tricks and get your profile engagement.